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Become a detective and solve crimes with your friends! Or be a culprit in a crime that will try and cover all tracks that leads to finding out they are the culprit.
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The first event is opened and you can join until July 2. Click here to read about it. It is first case that will follow along plot of this RPG.


 Notebook Instructions

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PostSubject: Notebook Instructions   Notebook Instructions Icon_minitimeFri May 13, 2011 7:55 pm

Creating a notebook
  • You can only reply to this thread with your notebook's template and if it will be approved, and admin or mod will move it to the forum, which will be your notebook from that time.
  • You can also request an admin or moderator to delete your previous thread if you want to create a new one.
  • Follow the template:
  • Appearance can be chosen from books listed below:
    Notebook Instructions 2yjo4rd Notebook Instructions Wb5rw3 Notebook Instructions 2mqw22o
    Notebook Instructions 2rzt0r6 Notebook Instructions 24xie6e Notebook Instructions Mh85cg
    (You can also suggest your own or make your own if used same technique, size as here)
  • Remember: Your template must be posted by REPLYING to this topic

Uses of a notebook
  • Write clues you've gotten at certain case you're working right now.
  • Write a story or something about a solved case and how you solved.
  • Notes that you might fight it interesting.
  • You can also make it be like a diary.

Notebook Instructions 2gwatef
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Notebook Instructions
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