Case Closed RPG

Become a detective and solve crimes with your friends! Or be a culprit in a crime that will try and cover all tracks that leads to finding out they are the culprit.
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The first event is opened and you can join until July 2. Click here to read about it. It is first case that will follow along plot of this RPG.

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PostSubject: Ms.Perfect.   Thu Feb 10, 2011 3:45 pm

Name: Esmeralda Angelique Vinari.
Codename: Ms.Perfect.
Age: 19

Around the public.
Very social and friendly with everyone, she comes off as polite sweet and respectful. She is very generous always giving charities and throwing parties for the less fortunate. She gives off an angel like niceness to everyone but this is real just a mask. This is what she calls her Social face.

Plotting and she is never really alone, she has her snow white kitten named Miss.Vinari. Usually writing up a plan of evil with a cup of white chocolate and a cheese danish. Talking to Miss.Vinari as if it were an everyday thing.

Around Men.
Charming one would say, Smart and witty. She sees them as equals, but she also sees them for what they are. Like most women she is attracted to the opposite sex, but she keeps her emotions in check. For the moment just like anyone else they are to be used.

Around women.
She just treats them as everyday people..Some she likes some she does not.


Likes: Power. Sweets . Nature her pet lion Courage.
Dislikes: Spicy food. Cold places.
Skills: Good chef,Great singer,Knows many languages, master swordsman and she is also a master gunslinger.

Job: Head of Vinari Trades.... And boss of the Vinari Family. ( Villain )

She grew up in a rich family, her mother dies when she was 15 her father followed soon after when she hit 18. The Family buisness and name has been passed down to her. Everything has..Even her father's underground business.
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PostSubject: Re: Ms.Perfect.   Thu Feb 10, 2011 6:42 pm


Have fun! ^_^
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